Souk Zara’s collection of local crafts is based on its particular interest in supporting creative hand-craftsmanship in Jordan. The hard working producers of handicrafts, whether of Jordan’s rural or urban communities, are treated as partners in the making of a new, up-market tourism service. Souk Zara has hence taken the responsibility to be the bridge between collectors looking for unique cultural items and those who carefully create them.

The selection of each item on display is based on strict criteria, where items are carefully selected for authenticity, uniqueness and style.

Embroidery has been viewed as a traditional art form since the rise of the Jordanian culture. It is a reflection of the delicacy and skill that one puts into the production of such pieces.

Jordanian embroidery is distinguished by its designs which vary from village to village and have been passed down from mother to daughter for generations. Many women, particularly those in and around Amman, still embroider dresses in traditional designs but also produce items in more modern styles to suit today's fashions.

Souk Zara boasts a dazzling array of beautiful traditional costumes, hand-woven rugs and cushions, and exquisite embroidered items, many of which also come in contemporary designs.