Souk Zara’s collection of local crafts is based on its particular interest in supporting creative hand-craftsmanship in Jordan. The hard working producers of handicrafts, whether of Jordan’s rural or urban communities, are treated as partners in the making of a new, up-market tourism service. Souk Zara has hence taken the responsibility to be the bridge between collectors looking for unique cultural items and those who carefully create them.

The selection of each item on display is based on strict criteria, where items are carefully selected for authenticity, uniqueness and style.

Souk Zara excels in its collection of Mosaics which depict the ancient mosaic art of the Sixth century A.D. during the Byzantine Era.

Besides their worth as beautiful works of art that gives as much pleasure now as they did in antiquity, Souk Zara’s collection of mosaics represent religious art, geometrical figures and animals in addition to mosaic jewelry boxes, vases, incense burners, scented candle holders, coasters, wall frames, cigar boxes, office supplies and tableware.