The products at Souk Zara are designed with a contemporary touch that lends special emphasis to reflecting Jordan's rich and ancient heritage.


Souk Zara is a division of Jordan Hotel Supplies (JHS); a subsidiary of Zara Investment Holding Company. Jordan Hotel Supplies was established in April 1995 with the main objective of becoming the primary provider for the Jordanian hospitality sector.

Souk Zara outlets serve the local and tourist community with unique customized and fresh handicraft products that assure a minimum standard of high quality at reasonable prices. In 1996, the first Souk Zara outlet was established in Petra. Today there are 8 Souk Zara outlets all over Jordan.

Souk Zara prides itself to be the market place that exposes and unveils the richness of Jordan through the vending of Jordanian products at all its outlets. A selection of carefully selected items can be found at Souk Zara emphasizing the Jordanian folklore including handmade embroideries, handicrafts from exclusive traditional and modern designers covering ceramics, paintings, mosaics, calligraphy, woodwork, Jewelry, embroidery, traditional garments, books and others.